A refractive error is one of the most common vision problems that will sooner or later appear. This condition occurs when the eye is unable to create a clear image due to optical dysfunction; therefore, it is important to know how to correct this type of disorder and what to do in each concrete case.

Myopia: the eye with this condition can see close objects clearly but will have difficulty visualizing distant ones.

Hypermetropia: People suffering from this disorder have a blurred perception of close objects.

Astigmatism: A person with astigmatism has a distorted vision for both near and far objects. The condition is often associated with myopia or hypermetropia. Until a few years ago, myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism could only be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. But nowadays, advances in various refractive surgical techniques currently used in Clínica de Ojos Córdoba, allow any type of defect to be efficiently and safely treated.

Refractive problems may arise in many different ways and require customized treatment. If each case is suitably treated, we can guarantee its success and the patient’s immediate recovery.

At Clínica de Ojos Córdoba, we deal with each of the solutions in refractive surgery with the highest reliability. Our ophthalmologists thoroughly study each patient´s eye, make a multifactor diagnosis and refer them for the appropriate surgical intervention.

Surgical Techniques

  • LASIK: allows correcting refractive errors through Excimen Laser on the corneal surface.
  • PRK: This technique also uses Excimer Laser, but unlike LASIK, it works underneath the corneal epithelium.
  • LASEK: it is a variation of Excimer Laser; it works underneath the corneal epithelium, but the epithelial layer is removed using an alcohol-based solution.
  • Intraocular lenses: In those cases in which the cornea cannot be surgically removed, implanting an intraocular lens is a treatment option.