Why met in Cordoba - Argentina?

· Córdoba-Argentina Health Care Quality: The Province of Córdoba-Argentina offers all sort of medical treatments.

· Academic Training of its Professionals: Córdoba is a prestigious academic location. The capital city of Córdoba hosts the oldest University of Argentina and one of the oldest Universities in the Americas (1613), with a diverse educational offer of studies and continuing education courses for its professionals.

· Competitive Treatment Costs: the exchange rate makes it very convenient for foreigners to come and receive their health care here.

· No Waiting Lists: Since the health care system in the Province of Córdoba-Argentina works smoothly, appointments are sooner.

· State of the Art Technology: Córdoba-Argentina hosts medical centers that are continuously investing on high quality devices in order to guarantee the best health care results with a focus on patient biosafety.

· Best Medical Installations: Health care centers have big and comfortable rooms and functional waiting rooms.

· Several Complementary Health Care Facilities: the health care offer in Córdoba-Argentina entails multi-purpose, specific-purpose, prevention and wellbeing, and aesthetic centers, which work together in order to provide care to patients who need more than one treatment or surgery.

· Touristic Service: Córdoba-Argentina has a great offer of hotels, with facilities and menus adapted to the patients´ and their caregivers´ needs. In addition to that, they can enjoy a beautiful hillside surrounding that works as a natural spa fortreatingdifferent diseases.

· Leader as a Touristic Destination, with Excellent Airline Connections: Due to its strategic location in the middle of the country, its weather and is valuable natural and cultural resources, the Province of Córdoba-Argentina is one of the main touristic destinations in Argentina. It is nowadays the main airline hub of the central region, with more than 200 flights per week, with domestic and American destinations like Brazil, Chile, Peru, USA and Panama.