More than 25,000 patients have been safely and efficiently treated for cataracts by highly experienced specialists at Clínica de Ojos Córdoba. The procedures were performed using state-of-the art- surgical technology.


Surgery is the only treatment for cataracts. It is a safe intervention with excellent results and immediate effects, which does not require patient hospitalization. The surgical procedure takes about 15 minutes, which is performed under local or topical (with drops) anesthesia. The operation consists in making a small incision in the cornea through which the cataract is removed and replaced by an intraocular lens. This lens will also correct possible previous refraction defects, such as myopia and hypermetropia. It is an accurate, reliable procedure carried out by experts who will certainly take care of the patients’ eyes.

Multifocal and Accommodative Lenses

The introduction of multifocal and accommodative lenses for micro-incision surgery represents a significant advance which, among other benefits, offers the possibility of treating patients with different types of refractory defects to correct either farsightedness or long-sightedness.